Welcome to the Day County Sheriff's Office!

Day County Sheriff Patch

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Day County Sheriff’s Office to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions, and to live in peace. The Office of the Sheriff will pursue and apprehend all felons and persons engaged in criminal activity, and shall execute all writs, warrants, and other process from any Court or Magistrate which shall be directed to the Office of the Sheriff by legal authority.The Office of the Sheriff will provide traffic enforcement activity on all roads, highways, and streets within the County in accordance with all State statutes. The Office of the Sheriff will maintain and operate a detention center in accordance with South Dakota State Law and applicable federal standards to the best of its ability. The Office of the Sheriff will strive to be an intricate part of the community of Day County and make the Office of the Sheriff accessible to all residents of Day County.

Oath of Office

All sworn Officers of the Day County Sheriff’s Office shall take the formal Oath of Office as required by South Dakota Codified Law. The Oath is to be taken before the first available Judge of a Court of Record.

These are the principles that the Day County Sheriff’s Office operates by:

Honesty-The public must believe in their Sheriff’s Office, and Trust must be earned. You will hear only the truth from us, even when it is hard to hear.

Fairness-The Sheriff’s Office must be fair and impartial. We live in a diverse area and everyone will be treated in a fair and equal manner.

Dedication - The Office of Sheriff requires dedication and diligence. The motto of Law Enforcement is “To Protect and To Serve” and this will be an unceasing effort by our entire staff.

Responsibility - Not only is the Sheriff’s Office responsible for maintaining Law and Order; the Sheriff’s Office must also be responsible in managing a budget effectively to safeguard the taxpayer’s dollars. We will make wise use of those tax dollars and look for other sources of funding for the Sheriff’s Office, such as grants and programs.

Accessibility- We will always be available to the citizens of Day County who have questions, comments, or concerns. Our door is always open.


Our Goals include:

  • There will be a zero tolerance policy in regard to the use, sale, or manufacturing of illegal drugs and narcotics.

  • Continued enforcement of DUI Laws, and emphasis on curbing Underage Consumption of Alcohol.

  • Continue working with various Youth Programs such as D.A.R.E., Lights On After School, and the Accident Docudrama Program, to name a few. We are working at increasing our presence in our schools.

  • Over the last 3 years, the Day County Sheriff’s Office and the Office of Emergency Management has cooperated with First Responder Agencies and Communities throughout the County to improve emergency equipment with the use of Homeland Security and FEMA grant monies. We are encouraging that effort to continue.

  • We strive to maintain a balanced budget for the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center. The Sheriff’s Office is one of the few parts of County government that can actually generate revenue for the County and we always seek ways to maintain that revenue and expand it.